"Cultural exchanges"
venerdì, novembre 14, 2003
Hello Claudia!
I usually read the blogspot of beeonline and I think it's a good way to practice your English and to exchange ideas.
Please, try to encourage your friends to make them enter the blogspot.
martedì, ottobre 28, 2003

giovedì, ottobre 16, 2003
Thanks for inviting me Claudia! That's very nice of you.
Have a nice day!
sient bell........t stai attggiann tropp......hahhaha
Translation: Dear friend you are playing too much leader's part!!!

I'm worst than you, you know!!!
I came back some hours ago from Centro Direzionale....wow it was super there!!!
My God...I was becoming crazy dancing.... anyway now i stop me...or i'll say lots of foolish things!!!!
Big kiss


martedì, settembre 23, 2003

lunedì, settembre 15, 2003
Hello everybody!!

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